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  • Hello!!

    It’s me MelonLia (Julia) I’m back. Most people know me in scan school before, I don’t know if someone remembers but I don’t mind that. Also, pardon my grammar if you don’t mind. Thank You.

    I think some people are wondering why I disappear all of a sudden. Well sad to say that I retire from my journey. The reason because I easily got burn out, there’s so much work to do and I only have limited time on the pc. I can’t balance those works. And since that time, last March or April 2021 (?), I downgrade my work quality, and that time was a Hell month for me, because I need to finish my research, balancing an account since I studied a Accounting Business Management etc. And I’m still busy because there will be a huge work to do in a specific subject.

    Anyways, I’m apologizing to the people I left behind especially Dachi and Marga (if you saw this I really am sorry). And some friends on discord. I deleted my account for the reason that I want to avoid distraction. Don’t worry I created a new one but I won’t tell.

    And that’s all to my message. Thank You very much and have a wonderful day. (also, Happy Valentines since its Feb 14 in my timezone)
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