Guide to creating Fake IDs to bypass age verification on Ridibooks/BomToon

Fake IDs! Who hasn't heard of them, or desperately wished for one of their own at some point?

While this guide cannot instruct you on how to make your own fakes to enter your local bar, it can certainly guide you through the process of creating one for the sole purpose of age-verification on Ridibooks/Bomtoon.

Step 1:

Google "Drivers License/Passport for [Any Country]"

This should bring you Image Results that match a certain template that looks authentic enough.

Step 2:

Download an image that looks convincing enough to pass as a camera pic you've snapped.

Make sure you take note of the two most important details:

1) The expiration date is valid
2) The country/organization names are clear

Step 3:

Open the image within any software program that can digitally alter/block-out details.

Here, I'm making use of an image belonging to a fake Albanian ID.

Notice all the details that would give it out as fake. For example, the watermark, white background, signature etc.

The next important step requires you to blackout all the information that isn't required while keeping the rest of the aforementioned details in mind.

Does it look terribly fake? Yes. Is it of poor quality? Yes.

But did this actually work on both sites and allow me to verify? YES.

Turns out, as long as the following details are visible, verification is possible.
Make sure you blackout everything except:

Name, birthday, expiration date and what country/organization issued the ID.

Is that it????
Did I just waste 5 mins of my life that I'll never get back by reading through this?

Quite possibly, yes.

However the method in question does allow you to bypass the R-19 verification.

This guide details how to create a Fake ID. For further information regarding steps required to create your very own account, the process is linked down below: