ISS (BL Scans) Looking for members!


New member
Hi there! We're looking for new members to join the new group that we just started.
We're just a group of members that will be focusing on pairings that we like from different anime/manga.
If you're looking for a team to take in a pairing that YOU like, as well as work on it, feel free to come to us too!

We're recruiting the following:

- Raw providers
- J/K/C Translators
- T/L checkers (Only need a few, for new translators/translators that are still learning)
- Proofreaders
- Leveler/cropper (would be great if you could do cleaning too!)
- Cleaners/Redrawers
- Typesetters

For beginner cleaners, we'd be cleaning off SFX-es, I'll be guiding or helping you with any SFX-es you can't clean, so you can just do what you can, and I'll fix it during TS/QC.

For beginner typesetters, it's the same as the above, if you're not knowledgeable in typesetting, or how to place SFX-es, I'll do it when I'm QC-ing, so that's not a problem!

DM me or comment down below if you're interested to join! Please leave your discord or your email so I can contact you if you're not active here, thank you!

Fandoms we're currently working on: Hero Academia, Kuroko no Basuke, Attack on Titan, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jujutsu no Kaizen.
More to come, but we're currently working on these first.