[OPEN] Melon Cult Recruiter/Converter/Newbie Teacher offering services

DISCORD: chokageprincess

— Position(s) you're applying for: Melon Cult convertor/Newbie Teacher
— Experience (nature and length): 3-4 years for Redrawing, Typesetting, Translation (JP and KR), Proofreading, Quality Check, RP (All Roles)
— Availability (how active you are - daily, weekly...): Daily
— Willing to work on NSFW / 18+ works: Yes
— What you're looking for: A group of newbies who're eager to learn with a basic skillset to teach Editing skills along with other needed tips and tricks

Optional information:
— Preferred genres: Anything and Everything
— What you have to offer: My time, knowledge and Melon Cult Resources