Strawberry Milk Scans is recruiting!!!


New member
Hello~ We are a extremely new SFW (not NSFW) scanlating team who work on any genre, other than obviously smut. We hope you would like to grow with us on our journey. Some jobs we are in need of include the following…
Remember that there is NO experience necessary to apply as well as no test for you to take as of now to be a part of our group!

We are currently open for:
Raw Provider (URGENT)- can attain copies of official manhwas, preferably unlicensed, and upload to drive
Translator (EXTREMELY URGENT) || preferably KTL, JTL or CTL)- must be fluent in or learning Japanese, Korean or Chinese.
Cleaner/Re-drawer (URGENT) - must be able to clean SFXs as well as redraw.
Typesetter (OPEN)- can put translations in bubble and SFXs that best suits the ones in the raws.
Quality Checker (OPEN)- must be able to address any and all mistakes made for the final product.
Proofreader (OPEN)- must be fluent in English. Proof-readers should also be able to fix mistakes of the translations.

I would like to mention that we have barely started a project yet, so if you are looking for a fast paced, easy, in-n-out job, this isn’t the place for you