The Ultimate Robincore Piracy Guide/Your Friendly Neighbourhood Illegal Tech Support

(A journey to committing online crimes and fighting shady business tactics)

What is Robincore?
(Also, just scroll down for the Piracy Guide)

Well bucko, Robincore is the very reason this guide was made in the first place.
Thanks to the lovely robin0007 on Discord, we now have this lovely guide; Courtesy of the best Degenerate Twink of a Woman I’ve ever met.

Link to Robin’s Gaming List which kicked this off

Possible Q&A Dialogue:

- What does this have to do with piracy?

Dunno. I just thought of the guy (Robin0007) and he immediately served as inspiration to open my very own illegal tech support.

- Am I secretly Robin themselves, spreading propaganda?

I wish. But I would never refer to myself as a degenerate twink of a woman in any circumstance. Sadly, this is a joint guide that simultaneously introduces you to Robincore and piracy.

- Is this guide a joke?

No, I'm unfortunately dead serious. Besides, I really did detail a lot of useful tips here and there.

- Aren't there better guides out there?

Yes there are. You can read through any of the other ones out there, offering far better solutions.

- Why should I trust some sketchy post on a Scanlator forum?

Well, just trust me bro. Besides, this internet stranger pinkie promises they did their research. Also, I don't ever recall asking for your Credit card details in this post.

Now Onto the Piracy Guide:

For Android Devices:

1.) Removing all the In-App advertisements on your phone.

2.) Using a Modified Version of Youtube that removes all ads

3.) How to install modded apps and games with free currency etc.

4.) Reading Manga for Free

For PC {Windows and MAC} :

1.) Free Photoshop/Adobe Applications

2.) Free Games/Software

3.) VPNs

4.) Signing up for Free trials/Subscriptions without leaking your Personal Information

5.) Torrenting Movies

6.) The Most Comprehensive Guide to Piracy by Igglybuff

Software/Sites to Avoid!
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LESSON 1 for Android: How the fuck do I get rid of in-game Ads?

1) Locate your Settings app and try to find an option called "Private DNS


HINT: Try your WiFi or Network settings tab


2) Click on the Private DNS button and toggle it to "Private DNS Provider hostname"


3) Type in the following server:


★ Error 1: If the server isn't functioning for you, try any of these:
If these fail too, try looking up other servers on your own, you lazy bum

★ Error 2: Private DNS server cannot be accessed


This often occurs when you're on Public WiFi, or a Website blocks you for using Adblock.

To fix this:

Go back to the Private DNS tab Toggle to OFF
You can switch it back on when you're on a network that allows the use of a DNS server.

★Error 3: This doesn't work on my IPHONE


You paid for it, this is what you get. God have mercy upon your souls.

To Start us off with this lesson, we shall turn to Revanced. Now, Revanced is actually rather tricky to get right, so for this lesson, I shall guide you through it personally:

Step 1: Uninstall the YouTube app on your device. (If all fails, and it does not install, just disable it for the time being.)

Step 2: Download and Install MicroG:
(This is to spoof Google Play Services, please make sure you do this step first, or it will not work)

Step 3: Download a pre-compiled Revanced Apk from here:

Note: While this is a pre-compiled app from Revanced, it's not the only version you can use, if you need more options try googling Revanced Manager to make your own.

Step 4: Turn off Play-Protect.

No this is not a joke, the link does not contain viruses, it's just that the Play-Protect feature exists purely to scan your phone and mess up your alternative install. TURN THAT SHIT OFF


Step 5: Install the Revanced Apk downloaded from the Google Drive
If you come across an error during installation, go to settings and turn on "Install from Unknown Sources"


Step 6: Open the app and try to login using MicroG, it should look something like this:


Step 7: Go to "Settings"and adjust whatever Custom Revanced settings you'd like




★Any errors during installation or otherwise?

DM chokageprincess on Discord for help
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Alrighty then, it's finally time to find out how to get in-app purchases/Paid Games with inbuilt mods and unlimited currency for free.

1.) Go to any of these sites:


Example 1:

Step 1: Pick an App of your choice from their selection and press Download.
Note: Make sure to note which features are included in that Mod.


Step 2: Select the Modded version from the offered choices

Step 3: Wait for the link to process


Step 4: Click Download once the link is ready and check your downloads folder to begin installation



Example 2:

Step 1: Select the game which you want to download.
Make sure you see which features are available first.


Step 2: Scroll until you come across the download region.
(Note: Some features are excluded from the Free version offered.)


Step 3: Clicking on the link should lead you to this page


Step 4: Complete the Verification


Step 5: Wait until the timer runs out and scroll till you see a download button




★ Error 1: The file I downloaded doesn't have the modded features.


That means that the app you want is unavailable on that site. Google any other modding websites to gain access to your preferred application.
If it's still unavailable to you, that means that there isn't a modded version of the app you want.

Please note that some sites may be unsafe to download from, please keep a nugget of common sense in mind when trying to find sketchy applications off the web.

★ Error 2: Site May be Defunct


Sigh* This may as well be it's inevitable end. This guide may not be helpful and updated forever, keep that in mind.

DM chokageprincess on Discord for any help

Lesson 4 for Android: This one isn't even a proper guide folks, just use Tachiyomi


- Installing Tachiyomi

Step 1: Go onto either of the 2 sites:

Step 2:

Navigate to the downloads/Releases page to install your preferred version.

Step 3: Read through this paragraph ripped straight from r/tachiyomi

Link to Reddit Post

We would like to clarify some things about what Tachiyomi is, and what it isn't.

What Tachiyomi is:

  • It's a free manga reading app.
  • It's essentially like a fancy browser with adblock.
  • It was created by Inorichi in year 2016. You can support him here: Inorichi Ko-Fi
  • There are no advertisement in the app, now and forever.
  • It's an image scraper and reader.
  • It's maintained by various independent developers in their free time.
  • It's open source and hosted on Github.
  • Anybody can contribute to Tachiyomi's development.
What Tachiyomi isn't:

  • It doesn't host any content. Tachiyomi doesn't have a server to host and distribute manga.
  • It's neither affiliated with any manga site, nor responsible for any source being down/slow/missing chapters/subpar image quality.
  • It doesn't have any built in sources. Tachiyomi has extensions which scrape various manga sites and provide an ad-free reading experience.
  • It doesn't promote/endorse any manga site. Users are expected to find their preferred source by themselves/elsewhere.
  • It's not for profit, and will never be on Play Store (or iOS).
Download the latest Stable version of Tachiyomi here: Download | Tachiyomi

Visit the Tachi website for info and help:

Please use the monthly megathread on this subreddit for assistance.

Join the Discord server if you want to speak with all the devs and get direct support.

Thanks for reading! We hope this clarifies what Tachiyomi is and is not.
PC Lesson 4: I Wanted a Free Trial, Not Email Spam!


Now onto the subject of signing up for an account. Doesn't everyone hate having to create an account linked your own Email Address in order to get anything done nowadays!?

Well, here is the Robincore method for evading useless Email Spam and junk promotion offers.


Step 1: Google "Temporary Mail Sites" or "10 Minute Mail"


This should bring you to sites that offer Temporary Email services.

Step 2: Click on any one of those sites and copy your new Temp Email.


Step 3: Paste the Email Address to apply for the subscription you want.


Step 4: Sign Up, by filling in all your fake details

Step 5: Finish up and check your inbox for the confirmation mail.


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PC Lesson 2: Getting Free Software/Games

Alright, this one is straight up ripped from another guide. I can't explain it any better myself, frankly.

Pastebin Link to Guide


Reposted Guide:

A beginners guide to video game piracy. modified by u/ManiacThat, adapted from the original from authors "scary" and "midnyte" with updated information.


**Please use the sites and tools from this megathread : , as it contains what to and not to use for games. This pastebin only contains a few sites, and lots more are found inside the megathread.**

Before we begin, here are some useful tools:

uBlock Origin - The best ad & unwanted content blocker out there:

7-zip - for extracting files (.7z, .rar, .tar, .zip, etc.) - better than WinRar:

Jdownloader 2 - A download manager for downloading many files in bulk:

qBitorrent - The best torrent client for personal use: - A tool for creating free google team drives: (Always use an alt)


Lets start with how to torrent:

Torrenting is using the bittorent protocol to share files. The BitTorrent protocol is a p2p file sharing protocol, and it requires no server, it uses other people uploading for you to be able to download. Since Piracy is illegal and different countries have different torrenting laws you may need to check if you need a vpn to torrent files, the reason you need a vpn to torrent files and not to direct download, is because direct downloading is just you and the server, while in the BitTorrent protocol everyone can see your i.p. I will link to a great essay about this topic here: View:

Setting up qBitorrent:

1st of all, I would recommend binding your vpn to qBittorrent. You can do this by going to options > advanced > network interface and setting it to your vpn's interface.
For torrenting, you might need a paid VPN. A good VPN to use is Mullvad.
You do not need a vpn for Direct downloads, for bypassing site restrictions, a DNS change or free VPN can suffice.

I would also recommend turning off rate limit to uTP protocol, you can do this in options > speed.

This video is pretty good for setting up qBit:


Downloading torrents:

If a torrent has more seeders, it will be faster 99% of the time, the seeders are normally the green number.

I prefer .torrent files over magnet links because it skips the retrieval of metadata, but it is your choice.

Start your vpn before starting download if needed.

Magnet Links:
(make sure to disable webtorrent on your browser if that is an option)
On the site you are downloading from, there should be a magnet icon or a magnet download button, click the icon/button and if you have your torrent client installed, there should be a popup asking you what app you want to open this link with,Just click qBitorrent and check the box to always use qBitorrent to open magnet links. Choose your destination folder in qBitorrent and then the download should start! Make sure to seed and don't hit and run!

.torrent files:

On the site you are downloading from there should be a "torrent download" or a button that looks like a file. Once you downloaded the .torrent file, you just open it with qBitorrent, choose your destination folder, and then the download should start! Make sure to seed and don't hit & run!

Types of Pirated Games you can download:

Scene Releases - Scene Releases are the original way to download pirated games, they come straight from the scene and are normally in .iso format or packed into many .rar files.

Repacks - Repacks are Pirated Games that are compressed so that people with bad internet or people who don't like downloading more then they have to can download. These take time to install because of the decompression process needed to play the games.

GOG Rips - GOG rips are games that are ripped from the drm-free game store GOG. These games require no crack and the install process is exactly the same as if you bought the game from GOG.

Pre-Installed Games - Pre-Installed Games are pirated games that are installed on someone else's computer, then the game files are taken, compressed, then uploaded. These are the easiest to get started with imo.

Scene Releases:

Scene releases are the original way to download pirated games. They are in .iso format normally or they are seperated into many .rar files. You can find scene releases on many sites, but my go to is for torrenting and & for ddl.

gog-games ( : Find the game you want with the search bar, click on the post with your game, then copy the filehoster links and paste them into Jdownloader2 by right click on the link grabber > add new link > paste the links. once the downloads are complete go to the destination folder, select all of the parts then right click > 7-zip > extract here, then run the setup & enjoy your game.

ovagames ( : Search for the game you would like on the top right, then click the post with your game. Scroll down a bit and click on the "link download" tab. Then choose your file hoster of choice, The best file hoster is google drive so always go for that if available. Once you click on your file hoster if choice it should bring you to a link, for the captcha you have to click the circle that is not full. Then, you will see a list of parts, click on each part and download them all to the same folder. Once they are all downloaded, select them all and right click, then hover over 7-zip and click "extract here". Once it is done extracting, double click the iso to mount it, then run the setup. Then copy everything from inside the "scene group name eg; 'PLAZA' or "CODEX'" folder in the iso and paste it into the install directory. Then enjoy your game! (note, ovagames also hosts elamigos repacks, but I would recommend just downloading a repack from dodi/fitgirl instead.)

SteamRIP ( :
Search for the game you want and click on the post with that game, scroll down and click the purple button that says "download"

Click the download now button and cancel the download immediately (This is where a download manager like internet download manager comes in handy, but jdownloader works too.) then right click the "here" text and click copy link address. Then paste the link into idm or jdownloader, for idm just click add url at the top left and chose your file destination, then click start.
For jdownloader click the linkgrabber tab, and right click on any empty space and click add new links, then paste the link and chose your file destination, then click start all downloads at the bottom right.

After everything is done downloading, just install redists if needed, then run the executable & enjoy your game!



Repacks are pirated games that are compressed for people with worse internet or people who don't want to download more than they have to. Some repackers I can recommend are Dodi, Fitgirl, and CPG.

Dodi ( : Search for the game that you would like, then click the post with your game. If you're downloading with torrent, click the torrent button for your game and download the .torrent file from the file hoster, but if you would like to download from google drive click "gdrive" and go through the link shortener, then follow this guide (Replace the or with

Once you have copied the files to your drive, download the files separately and to the same folder. Once they are downloaded select all the .rar files and right click > 7-zip > extract here. After they have been extracted you can run setup & enjoy your game!

FitGirl ( : Search for your game in the top right search bar, then click the post with your game, then scroll down a bit to the "Download Mirrors" section. If you would like to torrent you can choose 1337x, rutor, and tapocheck and follow the torrent section. If you would like to direct download you can choose any of the file hosters, To download from google drive click the link that says "Uploaded by hermietkreeft" and use this guide to download
(Replace the or with sure you copy your language pack)

Once you have copied the files to your drive, download the files separately and to the same folder, Once they are all downloaded select all the .rar files and right click > 7-zip > extract here. After they are extracted, run the verify bin files executable to check if the files are all intact. After that run setup, check the 2gb ram limit if you have 8gb ram or under, and enjoy your game!

CPG ( : Search for your game in the search bar on the right, click the post with your game, scroll down a bit and click the button/link that says "click here to visit=>Google Drive". After clicking on that a google drive windows should open, follow the prompts to download the .7z file (separately and to the same folder if multiple) then select all of the .7z files > right click > 7-zip > extract here. Then run setup & enjoy your game!




Please visit this link for the guide on how to use cs.rin.

Untrusted Sites / Software

Game Sites

Note - Scene groups do not have their own sites, so its best to avoid anything claiming to represent one.

  • OceanOfGames - Caught with malware multiple times
  • CrackingPatching - Caught with malware
  • IGG / LoadGames - Added DRM to uploads, doxxed member
  • AGFY - Malicious redirect ads
  • AimHaven - Malicious redirect ads
  • SteamUnlocked - Malicious redirect ads, slow file host, IGG / nosteam uploads
  • GoGUnlocked / ROMsUnlocked - SteamUnlocked sister sites
  • xGIROx - Caught with malware
  • BBRepacks - Caught with malware
  • Seyter / Qoob - Caught with malware, tried to switch names
  • cracked-games - Caught with malware
  • Wifi4Games - Caught with malware
  • GameFabrique - IGG uploads + adware installers
  • Untrusted Uploaders
  • Fake FitGirl Sites

Software / App Sites
Note - YouTube videos claiming to give away free software are nearly always scams.

  • GetIntoPC / GetIntoMAC - Caught with malware multiple times
  • SadeemPC / SadeemAPK - Caught with malware multiple times
  • KaranPC - Caught with malware multiple times
  • AliTPB / AliPak / b4tman - Caught with malware multiple times
  • FTUApps - Caught with malware
  • S0ft4PC / Portable4PC - Caught with malware
  • CracksHash - Caught with malware
  • haxNode - Caught with malware
  • IGI30 - Caught with malware
  • MainRepo / MRepo - Caught with malware / Note the the Magisk Module MRepo is unrelated
  • AppValley / TutuBox / Ignition - History of ddos attacks
  • CNET / / ZDNET - History of adware

Torrent Sites / Clients
Note - Some aggregators search sites like TPB, so it's recommended to avoid using them for software and games.

  • Kickass Torrents - Official site is long gone, all that remain are sketchy copycats
  • The Pirate Bay / TPB - Site is no longer moderated, so its very risky for software and games
  • VSTorrent - Caught with malware
  • uTorrent - Considered adware, pre-adware versions exist, but its best to use open source clients
  • BitTorrent / BitComet - Adware
  • Frostwire - Adware
  • BitLord - Adware
  • Fake 1337x Sites

Software / Apps
  • Limewire - Dead for years, anything claiming to be them now should be avoided
  • Downloadly (video downloader) - Crypto miner
  • Opera (browser) - Poor privacy practices, 2 / Predatory Loan Apps
  • Mcafee - Preinstalled Bloatware
  • Avast - Known for selling user data
  • AVG - Owned by Avast
  • Gen Digital / Norton - Owned by Avast
  • CCleaner - Owned by Avast, best to use built in win 11 tool or bleachbit
  • Private Internet Access - Owned by malware distributor Kape
  • ExpressVPN / ZenMate / CyberGhost - Owned by Kape
  • Acord (discord mod) - Has remote eval backdoor
  • BlueKik / Bluecord (chat mods) - History of spam / spying
  • Kik (messaging app) - App used by mostly predators / scammers
  • TLauncher (minecraft launcher) - Shady business practices / Note that TLauncher Legacy is unrelated
  • PolyMC (minecraft launcher) - Owner kicked all members from repo / discord
  • GShade (ReShade mod) - Dev added code that can trigger unwanted reboots
  • OnStream - Closed source, possibly malicious
  • TotalAV / PC Protect / Protected - Antivirus Software Scam / 2 / 3

Fake Z-Lib Sites
Fake Windows Activators

Adblock Filter List
Filter list for adblockers with sites from this thread.

How-to Send Reports
  • To suggest something for the list, please leave a comment on this thread, or contact us via Divolt.
  • Never include a URL, just the name of the site / software, and the reason you feel people should avoid it.
  • Note that our goal is to track things that should be avoided but still get recommended often, such as ThePirateBay.

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